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About me


My artistic approach

As a big fan of flea markets and garage sales, I walked through them always on the lookout for antique objects. I fell in love with centuries-old watches and I have been accumulating them over many years ... until the day I realized I wanted to discover their story from the inside.

I give a second life to old items forgotten in attics; I bring them to their former glory in timeless jewelry, giving them an air of eternity. I love to be inspired by all the materials around me such as wax, resin, concrete, old metal pieces, lace, buttons or retouched old photos.

I was awarded the 1st prize in the artisanal crafts exhibition in Luxembourg among other international designers. In addition, I won a jewelry designer award at the International Fashion Week in Luxembourg.


“ Fascinated by time that has past and the passing of time, I like to freeze time itself. ”